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Rob & Randy at Muskelrock Festival, Sweden, 2015

Hello and Welcome to the official Ashbury website! Randy & Rob Davis, the founding members of Ashbury, would like to tell you a little about the band that formed in 1980--and is still popular today! This website exists because of that popularity--for the "fan"--the people who want our music. We currently have 2 albums: 1."Endless Skies" released in 1983 on vinyl and released on CD in 2001 (that edition is sold out), and the reissue on CD in 2007 (Ashbury's "Endless Skies" is Rockadrome.com's #1 seller in both "Hard Rock" & "Heavy Metal" catagories!), and 2.:"Something Funny Going On" released in 2004. So why so long between albums--mostly a disgust with the recording industry back in the 80's! Ashbury was offered a major label contract--but only if we trashed "Endless Skies" and wrote and recorded a new album consisting of more "commercial" material. Ashbury decided not to "sell out" and stood by what we knew was a "timeless piece of music" in "Endless Skies". Of course in 1983, there was no internet and no way to market yourself, no radio airplay and simply no success without a major label contract--so after a while (during which we wrote more songs) Ashbury went dormant--meaning the Davis brothers still continued to perform together, and continued to write new material. Over the years "Endless Skies" continued to be a very popular recording, and continued to sell in record stores and through dealers and collectors. In 2003, Randy & Rob Davis went back into the studio with all original songs written between 1983 & 2003 and in 2004 released "Something Funny Going On", Ashbury's first studio release in 21 years!
If you are familiar with Ashbury--welcome back! If you are new to the website, we invite you to sample some songs-check out the lyrics-maybe see what some critics have said about us-and leave us a message or comment if you like.
Thanks for visiting & enjoy the music Randy Davis, Rob Davis---Ashbury

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